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Our success is measured by our customer's success. Here are just a few examples of the service you can expect with every shipment.
     As a requirement to have our construction material delivered to the job site, in and out of the state, we needed a flexible transportation service company to assure our pick ups and deliveries on time every time. TLMF met our requirements by supplying flatbed truck service with competitive prices for all of our destinations. Most importantly TLMF is not only reliable and competitive but their customer service is second to none. They have become a strategic partner with our company.
           Reginald L., Purchasing Agent
           Manufacturer Construction Industry

     Our company which is a leading nationwide manufacturer of artwork for the hospitality industry has been using the services of TLMF for exporting (by air) to our overseas factories for more than a year. In addition to the reliable and competitive services aspects we find the response and follow up to our inquiries to be excellent. The professionalism and experience we get from Mike is top notch. You need an expert you can rely on when doing business internationally. I am happy we found him.
     Sandy M.,Export Manager
     Distributor of Artwork, Orlando, Florida

     We are in a competitive industry (automotive) and do business internationally as well as domestically. Although we do not secure each order TLMF gives us fast and reliable information regarding shipping anywhere in the world. We find the international services (import and export by ocean) to be very competitive with excellent follow up. As well TLMF handles all of our brokerage transactions. Basically, we have one stop shopping allowing us to focus on our core business.
     Brad S., Director of International Sales
     Manufacturer Automotive Industry, Orlando, Florida

     As Director of Art for a major university I was responsible for having an $8 million dollar exhibit transported from New York to Florida and back. We had to have expedited services with team drivers with an air ride trailer 53’ van that would pick up and deliver with next day service. TLMF made all the arrangements for the drivers, pick up, delivery and the return trip to New York. We were particularly impressed not only with the attention to detail but the monitoring of the shipment in each direction. Not only did we get great service but we came in under budget by close to three thousand dollars. The exhibit was a great success for the university and the community.
     Theo L., Director of Art Gallery
     University in Florida

     We use TLMF for our international and domestic shipping as a distributor for luggage throughout the United States. TLMF arranges for all of our importing from Shanghai, China by ocean with over 70 containers per year. We particularly like the fact that we are dealing with the same company in Asia and in the United States. There are no delays on either side. Domestically, TLMF guides us on the best carrier with the best price for the service we need. I like the fact that the decision is always ours. It is a true partnership. It is nice to know that we have someone who is a true professional with years of experience to guide us.
     Paul C., President
     Luggage Mfg and Distributor, Florida

     We called TLMF from Los Angeles at 4:30 PM Thursday (early morning Friday in Beijing, China) for a shipment to be picked up and delivered to Los Angeles for a new product for a trade show on Monday. They made it look easy when the shipment arrived Sunday and they personally assisted with getting the shipment cleared with US Customs. We made the show on time and accepted many orders for the new product. I highly recommend their international expedited services.
     Neil S., President
     Manufacturer/ Distributor, Los Angeles, CA
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