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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does TLMF only do business in Florida?

     TLMF started more than 4 years ago in Florida and has grown to include customers from coast to coast and border to border. In fact, we help customers with doing business in Mexico and Canada.
2. What kind of savings can we expect from TLMF?

     In 2005 our customers saved from 8 to 25% on their domestic shipping services. It is important to know that each company's situation is unique. TLMF will perform a free transportation analysis. The process includes a thorough analysis of current shipping needs, patterns and costs. We will furnish a projection of savings expected to receive for the year.
3. How do we know if the services offered will meet our needs for domestic shipping?

     We offer a 90 day free trial period where the customer can use their present carriers and compare what we can offer with our best three carriers for price, transit time service. As well we will include calling the carrier for the pick up, routing, expediting, tracing, pre-audit of freight bills, and assistance with claims handling. THE CUSTOMER GETS TO USE THE BEST PRICED CARRIER WITH THE BEST TRANSIT TIME SERVICE.
4. Is my motor carrier service affected?

     Absolutely. Transit time service levels will be improved. We will guide you to use the carrier with the best service between origin and destination from over 200 carriers. Ultimately, the decision is made by the shipper (debtor of the service) which company is to be used. Our role is to give you the best carrier available. Each carrier has different service levels. As well, carriers continuously change service destinations (served direct versus interline) without updating the customer. This practice can result in service delays, claims issues, and higher prices.
5. Will we be able to continue to use our present carrier?

     The customer is always the final decision maker. You are in full control. We offer recommendations based upon service, pricing, accurate invoicing, claims, claims resolution, and financial strength in the industry.
6. What does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

     Our fees are based on your savings. The transportation analysis is completely FREE and there are no upfront costs following it. This means the customized program we develop for your company is completed at no additional charge.
7. Is the company a Carriers Agent or a Shipper's Agent?

     We are a shipper's agent. We make sure that you select the best company with the best service and lowest price. A Carrier Agent has as its first responsibility to fill its own trucks.
8. How can I expect to get the best customer service available?

     We assign each customer to a personal representative who gets to know your company and all of your needs to insure you receive polite and courteous service with accurate information. Each of our representatives has a minimum of 3 years experience helping customers and insuring the job gets done.
9. Who negotiates my pricing with the carriers?

     We will negotiate, with your permission, with all carriers (# 200) unless you request us to exclude a company. We will go to the carriers and negotiate the best price available while leveraging over $150 million in business. Our tariffs are mostly based on priced lists dated from 1999 to 2004. Our prices are guaranteed for one year.
10. Can you save us money on the Fuel Surcharge?

     Yes, we have negotiated with our carriers on the FSC and are saving customers 50% on average.
11. Can you help me with inbound shipping, drop shipping and 3rd party shipments?

     We find this is our greatest opportunity to save money, improve services and give the customer more control of their business. Often times, shippers do not negotiate the best price available for their customers, as well they often times do not select the best mode of transportation. In some cases shippers pass on a higher price to consignees to offset their warehouse costs. Unbundling transportation costs from the purchase of goods is best practice in not only getting the lowest price for the goods but the lowest shipping costs.
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